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Mixed Fortunes

Since getting back from South Uist last month my fishing opportunities have been few far between with not much success. As noted in my last post Hillend produced one trout for me. A few days later I had a very tough night at Cobbinshaw where once again a solitary trout was my only reward. I then had an outing at the Lily Loch for the first time this season where I blanked. I next ventured down the clyde for the first time in about ten years. Although I didnt tempt any trout I had a thoroughly enjoyable day down in the Abington and Crawford area reaquainting myself with the lovely river Clyde. I'm hoping to have a few more days on the Clyde for the grayling this winter and hopefully another day down there for the trout before the season ends. In between those outings as usual I've not been far away from my vice tying a mixed selection of patterns for both river and Loch.  With just a couple of weekends remaining of the season I hope to get out at least a  couple of times before
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Back to basics at Hillend

After a week away on the Outer Hebrides it was back to basics at the local club water, Hillend! Tried my new boat seat for the first time! Really liked it and will be great on a calmer day as it wee bit rough out there last night as there was a fair auld westerly blowing down the Loch all night! probably too rough for the electric outboard but we managed! 

Benbecula & South Uist Stravaig

Last week I had a fantastic week of fishing on Benbecula & South Uist! I'd been looking forward to this Stravaig for a while. The planning and preparation for this trip really did help ease the frustration of the last year and a half of lockdown etc!  I managed to squeeze in 5 days fishing! Three days on the tube and two on foot!  I had mixed fortunes as on the first two days I actually blanked! 😄 It was very frustrating on those first couple of days, for me anyway. However I did manage to fool a few troot on the other days!  There was nine of us on the trip. Most got there by ferry but one of us flew in a few days later like a  rockstar, caught some belting fish and buggered off on the plane a few days later just like Bono! Unfortunately another one our Stravaigers had to leave early too due to urgent work committments. The rest of us slugged it out for the whole week! A few of the guys got some very memorable trout indeed. My catches were more modest! Hope to get out there a

Feeling the Heat!

The local fishing has been tough these last few weeks with high temperatures and very low water levels. This resulted in some disappointing and frustrating nights in July at Hillend. However I did have a very enjoyable but tough session at Cobbinshaw the other week!  We had 3 fish for the boat! 1 for me and 2 for Mr D. Even though it was mad hot we had better than expected troot action with various takes, rises and breakage!!!!  Temps of 26° and Blazing sunshine! It was Hot!Hot!Hot!

Tying the Storm Crow


The bigger the better

Most anglers and flytyers will be of the opinion that wet flies in size 12s and 10s are the go to flies for Loch Style fishing especially in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. However the more fishing books I read and after talking to other anglers as well as from personal experience too,  sometimes big bushy patterns in size 8s and even 6s are what is required to lure the trout up through the waves.  Lately I've neglected tying  big flies and been more focused on the more common sizes. However while organising my boxes for my much anticipated stravaig to the Outer Hebrides next month I realised I was short of a few Big Flees. So over the last couple of days I've addressed that situation by filling a few rows with some big size 8s which I must say are a real joy to tie!   

Filling my box!

As well as the odd flyfishing trip up to Hillend I've been as busy as ever at the vice tying in between the Euro football matches, numerous patterns for the local Loch as well as further afield in mind! Heres a flavour of what I've been tying!