Friday, 18 September 2020


For me the beauty of flytying is that we can add our own twists takes and tweeks to standard fly patterns!
The old saying that "nothing in flytying is new" may indeed be true. However  It's a real pleasure to persevere and try at least to try and come up with something original even though we may find out at a later date that's it's been done before!
I'd say that most modern day patterns are variations of something that's been created before. I call it flytying evolution!
I was at the vice today and came up with these three flys incorporating a butt in a shade of bazooka joe pink which I'm sure our flytying forefathers of the Victorian age would never had  thought possible to be utilised in the creation of a trout  fly pattern!
I have to say that I have noticed modern day trout flies with the inclusion of pink. However it's not a colour I have in my trout fly box.
So with this in mind this is a bit of experimentation for me and something I'm looking forward to casting at my local Loch before this season is out! 

Saturday, 12 September 2020

On the Bumbles!

You may of course be aware that the bumble style fly is a very successful pattern to have on the top dropper of a team of flies when fishing traditional Loch style from a drifting boat. 
Ive often thought of bumbles to be of Scottish or Irish origin however its surprising to know that they originated in England, Derbyshire to be exact! 
Although they may have derived from south of the border, I've been busy at the vice, tying them for next years trips to the Highlands of Scotland! 

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

The Doobry

The 2020 season is not quite finished yet but I'm already busy @ the vice tying various patterns for the highlands and Islands of Scotland for next year! 
Tonight at the vice, amongst others I tied up a couple of fresh Doobrys for my box!
It's a great pattern to tie and an excellent fly for Scottish Highland wild brown trout!
These ones in the pic are tied on size ten hooks however they are also useful on a size 12 too which I also added to my box! 

Monday, 31 August 2020

Flytying Inspiration

Flytying inspiration comes from various sources such as books, magazines, websites, friends and more than ever these flytyers such as Davie McPhail and Martyn White aka Flickingfeathers .
I used to collect T&S and FF&FT for years and have boxes of them in the loft.
However I stopped buying them as they were getting repetitive and be coming more of an advertising vehicle more than anything else.
However last week I bought a fishing magazine for the first time in  years! Just to read during my lunchtime at work.
I purchased The Autumn edition of T&S which I found to be as expected very dull with not a lot to interest me, apart from one article which caught my eye on a fly pattern called the mandarin crippler.
Always a sucker for tying big bushy patterns I read this page with interest as I liked the look of this as it suited my style of fishing and I fancied having a go at tying this pattern.
However I don't have the exact materials as described in the article I tied a couple up in a similar style!


Sunday, 30 August 2020

Chasing Rainbows

My fishing buddy and I headed up to Hillend on Friday morning as we had booked a boat! However when we arrived it was far too windy for our liking. So we made our apologies and headed into West Lothian chasing rainbows for a first time visit to Drumtassie! On a 4hr C&R ticket!  My mate and I both got 2 trout each. My 2nd fish was my last cast of our day and what a lump of a fish it was! Not sure of exact weight but it gave me a great scrap! The photo doesnt do it justice but when you compare it with the others you get an idea of the size! Both my fish were caught on a gaudy Greenish/Olive Lure while my mate caught his on a wee drab nymph pattern!

Wet day oot @ the Black Loch

Due to Covid this year I have a plethora of holidays to use up from work so off I went to The Black Loch on Thursday with my mate for a day out on the boat! 
We managed 9 fish for the boat. My mate got 6 while I fooled 3. I was most surprised to hook and land a roach too! That was a first for me!
A very enjoyable day for the both of us however we did get soaked a few times in the heavy showers that passed over Limerigg. When the wind picked up we called it a day! 

Saturday, 23 May 2020

A neglected pattern

Looking through my storage flee box tonight, I came across a pattern that'd been lying dormant and forgotten about for years! It looked a bit battered and worse for wear but I remembered how successful it was! It was shown to me by an auld Hillend Veteran years ago who told me he had been doing well with it @ Hillend. He told me to use it with a slow intermediate line.
So off I went and tied a few and sure enough it was very successful even with a floating line. As I said the only one I had left has been lying forgotten about in my box! It's funny how flies go in and out of fashion I guess it's because we're always looking forward and wanting to try something new that's perhaps better!
Anyway as the Angling lockdown looks like easing soon @ Hillend, I tied a fresh one of these patterns tonight! No doubt I'll tie a few more in the next day or too! #Lockdownflytying
Black uni 8/0 Magenta Peacock herl body Copper wire rib Brown/ginger fibre tail Folded magpie tail, wing Black hen head hackle.

Monday, 4 May 2020

Flytying is my vice!

During lockdown I've never been far away from the vice! And I've been thinking of different approaches to my fishing and realised I dont try enough different patterns etc when I'm out fishing and usually only use a few flies over the course of the day.
Pictured here are selection of patterns which I really need to utilise more often! #Lockdownflytying

Friday, 24 April 2020

Tying a Loch Ordie Variant

I've been focused recently on Loch Ordies and all their variations. Hope you enjoy this video which I made for my mate Tam aka The Clarkston Tangler!