Monday, 31 December 2012

Hillend Photos.

As the sun sets on another year I thought I would make one final post before then New Year begins. Well its actually an appeal to anyone out there with old photos of Hillend who would like to share them with me. I have quite literally got hundreds and hundreds of photos of Hillend. Most are from the last ten years or so therefore I would be very interested to receive older photos. The older the better. It would be especially interesting to see photos from the area where the Club House now stands and also pics of the loch before the cycle track was constructed etc.
I recently got a new camera so I will be out and about at the loch taking photos of the surrounding area. I'm hoping to put together a slide show of photos throughout the years from Hillend so if anyone could assist by contributing any old photos I would be very grateful. If you would like to helpyou can contact me through facebook, twitter and of course email. Happy New Year When it comes.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Wonderwing Sedge

A number of years ago in a a well known flytying magazine I came across a style of wing which I thought looked stylish and realistic. This style was called the wonderwing. I then went on to tie a few patterns in this style which I thought would be good for sedge style flies. As you can imagine these patterns caught a few fish and I continued with this style for a couple of years until I turned my attention to cdc patterns. Today I decided to have a go at tying these flies again. I really like the look of these flies . They might look a wee bit tricky to tie but once you get the hang of them they are actually not too difficult to tie. Hope you like this example.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Hillend Loch Xmas Day

Well I woke up this morning to discover that the White bearded yin  didnt leave me any fishing or flytying related goodies. But I did get a new cameara . So off I went this morning up to the loch to try it out. Its not a top of the range model by any means but I do quite like the video camera mode. That feature is much better than my last camera which was starting to look a bit battered after ten years or so of outdoor use. Although it was rather cold today the weather has been quite a change from the last few years as the Loch has been frozen over at this time of year. Once we get New Years Day over and done with next week it will be then the time that we anglers can start thinking of hatching flies and rising fish. Only 79 days to go until the brown trout season starts. The countdown begins.

Friday, 21 December 2012

The Lecturer

I picked up the latest copy of FFFT magazine a couple of days ago. This months issue is full of features which interest me. Among the articles which caught my eye was a feature on that old fly the Professor. It was interesting to get an insight to the history of this pattern and how its developed and been used by different styles of anglers over the years. Go get yourself a copy and have a read I'm sure you will enjoy it.
I decided to have a go at tying the said fly but as is the norm when I set out to copy a pattern I always end up deviating away from the original dressing.
I thought I would share with you the result and as some readers of my blog like to point out in no uncertain terms whenever the exact materials arent used - That isnt a Professor. I therfore named it the Lecturer.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Three Today!

Today The Hillend Dabbler is three years old Im not sure what age that is in blogging terms though. I'm still enthusiastic now as when I typed out my first article three years ago . During that time I have watched my viewing figures steadily rise and rise until they reached a peak back in August. Which was very pleasing indeed as when I first started the blog I was aiming it at friends and fellow Hillenders. I have to be honest here and say that since the end of the fishing season my viewing figures have made a dramatic turn and are well down on what they were during the course of the fishing season. This is a wee bit concerning as this hasn't happend before since I started blogging. Infact if anything the viewing fufures usually went up during the close season.I would be interested to hear from any other fishing bloggers what their experiences are  with this matter.
Anyway like I said Im still as enthusiastic now as when I first started out and will endevour to try and make the blog more interesting and perhaps post articles more frequently.
Today as I was looking through some of my angling archives I came across this wee poem. I cant remember where exactly I got it from I was thinking it might have came from a fellow Hillender. I'm sure they will get in touch if thats the case.
Tonight I am going to open a nice bottle of red and celebrate three years of the Hillend Dabbler and who knows I mighht even tie a fly to mark the occasion in the mean time enjoy the poem!

A fellow in a boat wi’ me,
Was fishin wi’ a fancy flee
Wi’ colours braw baith black and yellie,
And hairs plucked oot a badger’s bellie.

Whaur did he get that flee sae bonnie?
He got it frae a freen and cronie.
The sportin shops – they never stock it,
The maker’s name is Bobby Crocket,

He used tae be a water bailie,
Got feathers aff a capercaillie,
This day we baith were feelin’ caul,
This flee caught yin while on the trawl,
He caught it by the dorsal fin,
But sportsman-like flung it back in,
Sae freens if fishin’ is yer hobby,
You’ll need tae get a flee frae Bobby…

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Armchair Fishing

Ive not been been fishing or tying these last few weeks as Ive been rather busy with other matters and at this moment in time this has really felt like the close season.. Now that the winter weather has taken a hold with frost and ice most days this has been the ideal conditions for the pursuit of the lady of the stream. I was intending to get out after the grayling this winter but I just haven't had the time these last few weekends and anyway once I actually gave it some thought I reckon its just been far too cold for me. Maybe I'm just getting old but standing in a river in the severe cold doesn't appeal to me just right now I'd much rather get on with some armchair fishing with a glass of wine or malt near to hand. Therefore I just thought I would share with you a few second books I recently acquired in a fantastic sale. They are My Way with trout by Arthur Cove. Fishing's Best Short Stories by a selection of authors. Fishtales, again by various authors and Where the bright Waters meet by Harry Plunket Greene. I'm sure these will keep me going over the festive period and maybe even inspire me to get out by the river before the year ends.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Tying a basic nymph

Its been a while since I last put up one of my tying video. I don't claim to be any great expert tyer, there are a few out there on you tube etc who are experts and who's videos are quite simply the best and will never be equalled in quality of tying and production. This is just my attempt at giving the few who follow my posts on here an idea on how to tie a very simple yet very effective nymph pattern for any loch or stillwater. Hope this is of use to anyone having a go at tying for the first time.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Orchil Loch

Yesterday I visited a fishery for the first time in a while.I don't normally visit fisheries these days as they do have a bad press and usually attract the type of angler that makes me despair.
However this fishery isn't your usual hole in the grun type. Orchil is a very picturesque fishery just a few miles from Gleneagles and is well managed and cultivated.
Scott and I arrived early in the morning. It was bitterly cold and numbing on the hands. Regardless we set up and made our way round to the area we fancied fishing.
I was soon into the first fish of the day a 3lb rainbow fooled by a wee harelug nymph which had the unusual material of wild boar fibres for a tail. I was using my sink tip line at the time too. Soon after I got another solid take but sadly lost the fish during the ensuing fight.While all this was going Scott got his first fish then after a wee while he got another.
Then the moment I had been dreading happened. He arrived at the loch in full camouflage gear from head to toe with a khaki balaclava on. It was actually surprising I actually saw him as he fairly blended in with the trees etc. On his shoulder was the biggest tackle bag you have ever seen in your life. He asked how we were getting on and what flies had been successful. He then said at this time of year he likes to fish further on up the bank and across the burn. I didn't bother asking him why he opted to fish next to me. I then got the usual stories of all the fisheries he has been to recently and how he caught huge trout on his top of the range reels and rods and so it went on with tales of his secret killer patterns. I decided to move on elsewhere in the fishery as this chap was starting to get on my nerves as he described the takes he was getting and then when he actually caught a fish was holding it up in the air to show me. Did he think I didn't know what a fish looked like. Perhaps he was just over enthusiastic and maybe I'm just an old fuddy duddy. Nah Ive met these types before.
My change of location and a switch to a floating line eventually paid dividends as I managed to net my second trout of the day. At mid day Scott and I decided to pack up as it was still cold and the rain was starting to get heavier.
Delighted with our catch we went to the weigh in shed. I had 5lb of fish while Scott had 4 1/2 lb.
After a quick wash and a change of clothes we set off for Auchterarder where we finished off a great  day out fishing by treating ourselves to a couple of delicious but rather messy steak bridies from the bakers shop washed down with a bottle of juice.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Black Loch

Imaging my surprise this afternoon when visiting the Glasgow Angling Centre for  various flyting odds and ends when just as I was leaving the store I came a across a flyer for the Black Loch which is near Limeriigg just a few miles north east of Hillend.
Rather than me try to describe the loch and the ambitious plans for the loch its best just to visit the website which has everything you need to know about this potentially great fishing venue. I certainly would like to visit this new venue in the coming season. Have a look

Friday, 9 November 2012

U C A P A River Clyde permits 2013

United Clyde Angling Protective Association Ltd

Permit Proposals for 2013
Having increased the price of permits in 2012 to bring them to a realistic level to meet all the financial commitments and plans of UCAPA LTD, we also found ourselves in a deepening economic recession which may have affected the sale of permits. At this stage, this has not happened and it is clear that the true Clyde angler values his fishing and more importantly recognises the costs of maintaining the fishery and continues to support the Association.
With these points in mind, the Association has recommended a “freeze” on permit prices at the 2012 levels for a further year.

 “Universal Permit”
The price of the 2013 Annual permit will be set at £140.00 for Adult Anglers with concessionary prices for Senior Citizens at £115.00 and £60 for Juveniles under 16.
This permit will enable the angler to fish in UCAPA LTD waters all year round and will suit those who like to fish for Salmon and Sea Trout in the Lower Reaches and for Trout and Grayling in the rest of the Middle and Upper Reaches.
With 365 days fishing available this means that the cost of:-

Adult Permit at £140.00 is: 39 pence per day.
Senior Citizen Permit at £115.00 is : 32 pence per day
The Juvenile Universal Permit at £60.00 is: 17 pence per day.

 Freshwater Permits are also “pegged” at the 2012 levels.

 “Migratory Fish Permit”
The Migratory (Salmon Permit will be priced at £105.00 until 01 June 2013 and will thereafter be priced at £150.00.
Therefore it is an advantage to the angler to purchase the permit early and for the Association it helps with cash-flow and budgeting.
The Salmon season from 11 February to 31 October enables the angler to fish for Salmon for 225 days / 37 weeks/ or 9 months.

The cost broken down computes at
Adult (pre June) at £105.00 is 47 pence per day.
Senior Citizen at £80.00 is 36 pence per day.
Juvenile at £ 50.00 is 23 pence per day.

After 1st June the costs break down as follows: (131 FISHING DAYS AVAILABLE)
Adult at £150.00 is £1.15 per day.
Senior at £125.00 is 96 pence per day
Juvenile at £55.00 is 42 pence per day

 Grayling Permits
It is also worth recording that while these who only fish for Grayling claim that there is no stocking carried out, the association has responsibilities in respect of freshwater riparian leases (whole year) and other costs pertinent to the running of the fishery.
the Grayling Season on UCAPA waters runs from 07 October through to 14 March (inclusive). This means that Grayling anglers have 158 days fishing available to them.

An Adult Permit at £25.00 is only 16 pence per day
A Senior permit at £15.00 is 10 pence per day
A Juvenile permit at £10.00 is 6 pence per day.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How To Fish

Thought I would tell you which book is resting on my bedside cabinet right now that we have reached the season of dark nights.This book is not as the title implies an instructional book its a book for anyone who appreciates the burns ,  becks and rivers which flow through our beautiful landscape. This book by Chris Yates is a collection of his thoughts and experiences as he sits by the riverside. Each chapter is chronicled by each cast of his rod as reminisces of days and memories of caught and lost fish and of deep pools filled with expectation. His ability to convey his thoughts in such a poetic and lyrical way is a joy to read and really makes you want to get down by the waterside all be it by a loch or burn,  river or lake. As you may have guessed I highly reccommend you get yourself a copy of this wonderful book. Even the dust cover is a delight.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Another Variant

Not been fishing this weekend.But managed to tie a couple of flies. I have to admit whilst tying this variant I forgot to tie in the blue beard/ jay hackles. I suppose its called a gold invicta variant. I now have to think about what name I give to my flies as I received a few complaints about the names I give to my fly dressings.  I tie for fun and dont take it too seriously so therefore for someone to take umbridge at my fly dressing baffles me as Im not a serious fly dresser. Anyway enough! Here is my latest fly.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Silver Invicta

Been tying a a couple of silver Invictas tonight which I have a reasonable amount of success with on highland lochs. Its a great pattern to use at Hillend when the sedge is on the water and it makes for a good fry pattern at the loch too. Once again these examples I tied are not tied to the exact original dressing. You can only use what you have at your disposal and anyway I dont believe Its that important if they are only fishing patterns as opposed to a fly tied for display.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Hillend Dabbler Pattern

I cant believe I haven't tied a fly pattern yet and called it the Hillend Dabbler up until now that it is.I tied a few of these today. Lightly dressed dabblers which I know are reliable fish catchers. Before anyone gets their knickers in a twist about me calling this pattern the Hillend Dabbler and I know there a few people out there who will be untangling the elastic in their undergarments as I type. I have had complaints you know? please don't take this too serious as there is not much in flytying that is original these days. Its only a bit of fun. I give you the Hillend Dabbler!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Up the Clyde.

I was sitting reading this mornings papers and was deciding what to do today. Mrs Dabbler was hinting about the two of us taking a trip down the Clyde this afternoon only thing was she had Ikea and Braehead in mind. At about 2pm I decided I would go up the Clyde rather than doon. Car packed flask filled off I went.The weather was glorious. I used the trotting rod for about an hour then switched to the fly rod with weighted bugs. I didn't catch a grayling but I did manage a couple of small trout and also hooked a trout which I reckon was of about 3lb which after an initial thumb shot right out the water about two or three feet in the air came back down with an almighty splash and it was gone. I called it a day when the mist started appearing above the surface of the river. Great day to be by the river. Absolutely beautiful.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Practice Day on the Clyde!

Lets just say I had a great practice day on the Clyde yesterday! lol. Im a bit of a novice at the trotting lark. Conditions were far from ideal as the river was high and running fast but it was good to try and get a feel for this style of fishing again and give the floats a try that I got from George Lockhart who very kindly made them for me. You can see George's work and read about his fishing exploits here at . Next time I would prefer to have an experienced float fisher with me as sometimes I was wondering if i had the line set too long or too short etc and also I havent a clue if it was worth fishing the river today in these condiions. I went with John T last November and his help was invaluable as he was always ready with advice, we both had a teriffic day so I think I will get in touch soon John about a day on the river eh?

Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Five Month Wait Begins!

This being the sixth day of the tenth month of two thousand and twelve I decided to end the trout fishing season this afternoon by spending a few hours at my local Hillend Loch. Needless to say I didn't manage to fool any trout what so ever. Apart from the flytying and the occasional grayling outing to look forward too I will have to endure the dark nights of winter, Halloween, Guy Fox Night, Christmas and New Year before I can start thinking of the new fishing season on the fifteenth day of the third month of two thousand and thirteen.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Return to the Secret loch!

Today a desperate character demanded of me the location of the secret loch. Well Keeping true to the secret location reposed in me I answered that the location of this loch was known to only three men in the whole of Airdrie. namely Scott, Tam and myself and that without the co-operation and consent of the other two I neither could or would divulge the location. So I blindfolded wee wullie and drove him through the countryside until we got there lol!
Seriously! My old fiend Willie and I have climbed many mountains together but something we had not done together for many years was go fishing. So we decided to make a trip to the Secret Loch which may well be the last trout fishing I will do this year. On the way there I was telling Willie all about this little gem of a place.
When we arrived at the loch shore the wind was blowing right down the loch in a westerly direction but it was a bit strong. I gave Willie a couple of flies to tie on while I fished with a wet daddie on the point and a Kate on the dropper. On my second cast I hooked and landed a lovely trout which was fooled by the fly that was so successful on my recent stravaig, the wet daddie.  Willie must have thought we were going to be in for a trout bonanza but experience told me otherwise.I then told Willie where to concentrate his efforts while I made my way to the top of the loch and down the opposite shore fishing along the way. I saw a couple of trout leap from the water but never hooked anymore fish. I made my way back round to my friend and we had lunch which consisted of coffee and oatcakes with cheese. After lunch we fished on for about another hour or so amidst a couple of showers and then when the bad weather really started to move in we called it a day and retired to a South Lanarkshire village pub for a  welcome pint of beer.
This was a lovely way to end a mixed trout season for me in a wonderful location and will be a place I hope to visit more often next season.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Claret Kate McLaren

It was suggested to me on my recent fishing stravaig that a claret version of the very successful Kate McLaren can be a very effective pattern on Scottish lochs. I have tied a few variations of the Kate before but never a claret version . On this pattern the body and body hackle are claret. I hope to try this pattern out on Monday when I intend to revisit the secret loch which i featured on my blog a few weeks ago. I'll let you know how I get on.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Wet Daddies

Here's a pic of the pattern which caught most of my trout on my recent fishing trip to the Highlands. It was tied on a size ten B175 hook. Very easy to tie which is just as well as they do tend to get a bit bashed up once you have hooked a few trout with them. For the legs I used pre knotted pheasant tail fibres which are readily available from all good tying sources. I prefer just to purchase these as I'm useless at trying to form knots on these fibres. Anyway hope you like this pattern.

Monday, 24 September 2012

The Stravaig

It started up in Caithness on Tuesday on loch Sarcalet in decent fishing conditions you know the kind of thing not too bright and a nice wee ripple on the surface however my stravaig didn’t get off to the best of starts as I didn’t raise or hook a fish on this loch.
After a couple of hours we moved over to loch of Yarrows but it was blowing a hooly so we never wet a line there and decided to bank fish Watten but it proved difficult as I only managed a couple of small trout for several hours of trying.
Next day I gave Watten a go from the boat. I was out for a couple of hours in the morning and after some lunch had another couple of hours. However I never got anything from the boat but did manage three from the shore which were again quite small.
I was surprised by the amount of colour in Wattens water it had a green tinge to it which I believe is the result of the phosphates from the fields on the loch shores and which builds up as the season progresses. This is a tad worrying as it will eventually ruin the fishing completely. I must point out that it wasn’t all bad as John had a couple of decent fish and Paul had a nice trout too.
Thursday arrived and Paul recommended we have try on Loch of Wester which is about 12k south of John o Groats and also that there was a chance of a sea trout as this is the prime time for them making the short journey of 2k from the sea into the loch.
John was the only one to get sea trout infect he managed two and a few browns too. Paul and I managed about ten brown trout each. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on this loch and would like to go back there next season.
After a good day on this east coast loch we made the long journey over to the west coast of the country to Wester Ross.
I arrived at the hostel near Dundonnell on Thursday night along with John and Paul after a very pleasant couple of days in Caithness. We were warmly welcomed by the other staravaigers and settled down to a few drinks and a blether before turning in for the night.
In the morning Alan, John Ewan and I fished a couple of lochs north west of Laide. The fish were numerous but nothing spectacular size wise but it was a great day among some lovely scenery and good company.
In the evening John made the most wonderful chilli which everyone enjoyed. This was followed by various alcoholic drinks and chatter.
I had a lazy day on Saturday of fly-tying then having a walk down to the wee coffee shop and a walk along the shore of little loch broom where I met Alan and Malcolm who were sea fishing. Later I watched the dolphins doing their thing in the loch before I returned to the hostel and awaited the others returning from the hills with their fish tales. In the evening Fred’s lovely curry was enjoyed by everyone then much beer, wine and whisky was consumed by all accompanied by Billy’s selection of cheese and meats and all sorts of nick nacks.
Sunday morning arrived we split into two groups I was with the group which went up to Loch na h Airde. I caught numerous trout and had a wee wander around taking pics and generally loafing about lapping up the company and the scenery.
We then returned back to the hostel and as usual we were well fed and watered.
Sadly Monday arrived and the staravaig was over.
Before I finish I thought I would mention the flies that caught fish for me. The fly which was most successful was the wet daddies other flies which caught were small muddlers, Kates and olive spiders.
I certainly thoroughly enjoyed my first ever stravaig. It has to be said that it just wasn’t all about the fishing it was absolutely wonderful just to be there in such a beautifularea with like-minded anglers. I hope I got that the right way round lol.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

I've been flytying again

Over the last few months I haven't been tying at all but as I have a forthcoming stravaig to Highlands to look forward to before the season ends I thought I would stock up on some patterns that I was short of. The flies above are Kate McLarens which are tied on a Kamasan hook B160 size 14. Its actually a short shank size 14 and the spiders are tied on straightforward kamasan B175 size 14. I'm off to Caithness on Tuesday so the Kates will come in handy for Watten and Sarclet. Then on Thursday we cross country and head for Wester Ross where I will be fishing lochs and lochans I am unfamiliar with which is all part of the fun.

Monday, 3 September 2012

A Secret Hill Loch.

All I can say about the location of my day out fishing today is that I went South. Scott and I set off this morning but got caught in heavy traffic as we tried to get out of town. So later than anticipated we managed to escape the rush of people going to work and doing the school run etc. It was pleasing to watch the urban sprawl turn to winding roads, green fields and purple and brown hills as we travelled onwards.
It was about ten o'clock when we arrived at out secret hill loch. This location is a real gem of a place and would hate to see it get popular . I know it might be a bit snobbish trying to keep this place to myself. Don't get me wrong others do fish it but not many and its better that it stays that way.
I set up with a muddler and a Kate McLaren and got a few offers but nothing stuck. I changed several point flies and put on a pink tailed Loch Ordie on the dropper. The change of dropper worked on its first cast as I caught a nice 1/2 pound brown trout. I soon hooked into another fish which looked bigger but it eventually won the fight as it threw the hook. Then it all went quiet for a while. The wind got stronger as the day progressed and it became difficult fishing my way down the shore.
I decided to head back up to the top of the loch again and changed over to a team of spiders. The change worked a treat as I hooked and landed another two trout. I then worked my way back down the loch rising another couple of trout but no further trout were caught. Now it was time to head home as Scott was going on night shift so we reluctantly broke down our rods and shouldered out rucksacks then headed out the hills back to the car for the drive back to the bricks and mortar of our hometown.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Going Back To Ma Troots!

For the last day of my three and a half week holiday from work I had fancied a day at Glengavel but I had stuff to do this morning so I decided I would go back to ma troots in the afternoon at my local Hillend.
I opted for a few hours out on the boat on my own.
Conditions were favourable as it was quite cloudy and there was a lovely wee wave on the loch.
I made my first drift in line with the point of the woods all the way down to the mound however I never saw or touched a fish. I then decided to head right up into the corner where the big moss meets the cycle track and then had a wonderful drift all the way down to the narrows. On the way I hooked and landed a nice brown trout then about an hour later I managed to fool a rainbow. Both fish were fooled by a Kate McLaren on the top dropper. My favourite fly. During the course of the afternoon I got soaked twice as I encountered a couple of really heavy showers. This might sound mad but I rather enjoyed it sitting there laughing out loud as the rain battered into my back. No further fish were hooked spooked or caught and so I ended my afternoon afloat about four thirty. One disappointing aspect of my day on the boat was the cost. It had been a while since I was out on my own and I didn't realise how expensive it was. The cost was £18. Fair to say that was for the hire of the clubs engine and batteries too but I still think its a little bit steep to ask a member to fork out £18 for a solo boat outing. This is not a criticism of the club as I think the club is run impeccably well but I think its something we ought to have a look at because surely being a member should entitle the members to some privileges. An idea perhaps is to reduce the cost of the boats for the members as £18 is rather costly considering that if I had opted for a day bank fishing it wouldn't have cost a penny.
Anyway it was a wonderful way to end my holiday with a couple of fish. Not looking forward to work tomorrow.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tinto Revisited

I do apologise for taking a few days to get this up on the blog but my mind was on other things on Saturday and it was imperative that I visited a dearly loved place that I hadn't been to for many a year.
After visiting Tinto last month I told my friends all about how wonderful it was That was why Scott accompanied me at Tinto fishery on Friday morning. The weather wasn't looking too great but we were determined to have a day at this ideal location.
We started off with a coffee in the bothy then strung our rods and tied up our casts.We started off on the bottom loch in the drizzly rain. We fished for a few hours here and we both caught a few small brown trout each. I hooked into a fine looking rainbow which after a brief fight leaped from the water and managed to evade me.
In the afternoon we took a walk up to the top loch. There was trout rising everywhere on this loch all be it the small brown trout. Once again we caught numerous wee yins and as usual the better fish failed to show up for me.
We met up with a couple of anglers as we made our way down from the top loch and had a very useful chat as they were regulars at Tinto and told us all about the lochs. Tinto Trout fishery really is a wonderful place. You would be forgiven for thinking you were fishing some wild and remote hill loch in the highlands yet it is only about a forty minute drive from my house.I will be back and hopefully I will get in touch with one or two of those huge brown trout that reside there.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Totey Trout

Last Friday as I flew in over the Scottish Countryside from my holiday abroad I was scouring the landscape below me trying to recognise any features that would give a clue to my whereabouts.
Then all of a sudden my attention was drawn to a well-known feature which normally looks like an upside down phallic symbol when seen from the M74. However on this occasion from my seat aboard an aeroplane heading for Glasgow it was the correct way up (so to speak) If you are wondering what I’m havering about? The next time you are fishing the Clyde between Abington and Crawford have a look towards the slopes of TewsgillHill and you will see a straight line of trees with a bulbous shape of trees at the top. Whoever designed the layout for these trees had their tongue firmly in their cheek.
Anyway I digress Once I realized where I was I began to survey the land below me. It was fantastic to see the River Clyde twist and turn through the hills and fields from the air and I made a mental note to be down there fishing in a few days’ time.
That was why I found myself by the River Clyde on Tuesday afternoon. I was in the area near Wandel. When I arrived it started raining and I had a bit of Thunder & Lightning which is always worrying as I don’t like waving my rod about with all that electricity in the air. I made my way to the river through a field which had so many sheep that they could have packed out Pittodrie and helped the Aberdeen fans on their ill-fated Sell Out Saturday. The weather soon improved and I searched the river for trout with a magpie and silver on the point and a wee bushy gingery flee on the dropper. It took a while to get my first fish which was fooled by the point fly then I had another three all taken on the same fly. The trout were rather small but I persevered looking for the big yins but they never appeared. I must say that after an abstinence of about three weeks from fishing it was fantastic just to be there.