Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Jack Frost

I've been busy at the bench tonight. I tied a few this variation of the Jack Frost.When I first started out fly fishing about twenty years ago I used this pattern quite a lot. These days I don't use lures much and prefer to use traditional Scottish wets but sometimes there are occassions when a lure is required. I am going to give this a soaking in the next day or two at Hillend. The original is a great perch fry lure. The perch fry are in great abundance at Hillend at the moment so I thought it would be a good idea to tie some of these up. I believe this pattern is an improvement on the original as I have changed the body of the fly by using a pearly glister dubbing which adds translucency to the pattern.
My dressing is a follows.

Thread. Fire Orange uni 8/0
Hook. size 12 B175 Kamasan
Body. Pearly glister
Tail. Chinese Red uni floss: brushed out
Wing . White Marabou
Hackle. fluorescent red cock hackle

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