Friday, 5 August 2011

New Hillend Angling Pavilion

I had a visit to Hillend tonight but not on fishing duty, I may do that tomorrow. I just went up to the Loch tonight to take some pics have a blether and see how the clubhouse was shaping up as there has been a bit of landscaping and tidying up been done recently. I was happy to see that the new timber Lodge has been erected It still has some work to be done to it but its looking in great shape. I think that the idea of the Timber Lodge or the Competition Pavilion as it may be called is fantastic as it will be used as a changing and drying facility for the anglers as well as a place for anglers to weigh their catches. This will be especially useful on competition days/nights etc. The facilities we now have at Hillend is exceptional and once again the Angling Club has to be congratulated on all the hard work that has been put in to take us to the level we are now at. Airdrie and District Angling Club has come along way since the days when we operated from a container at the Eastercroft Bay. As I was leaving tonight I felt a little guilty as some of the members were busy working, roughcasting walls and were about to start treating and painting the new pavilion etc. It's maybe time I started doing something for the club. The least I could do is perhaps assist in keeping the area around the Clubhouse etc free of litter etc. Aye, I think I will volunteer to do this.

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