Saturday, 1 October 2011

Back at the Vice!

You may have noticed in these pages over the last couple of months that I haven't been flytying much but that is all about to change with the end of the fishing season imminent and the dark nights really starting to kick in. I've recently lost by enthusiasm for watching the football so this afternoon instead of dragging myself along to New Broomfield to watch the Diamonds I switched on my radio to listen to Radio Scotland's football coverage, Open all Mics, and pulled up a chair at my tying desk and stuck some fur and feather onto some hooks. The fly on display here is a variation of Watson's Bumble , a great Loch style pattern, which will undoubtedly be the first of many that I will tye over the dark winter nights. Oh aye! My team had an emphatic victory today, which is just typical whenever I'm not in attendance.


  1. Been feeling this change here too. Dark when I get home from work. Hole up. Tie. That is a great fly to start off the colder season with.

  2. Yes it's a time of year when it's dark at 6.30pm and just light at 6.30am in the UK. We know the trout fishing is coming to an end.

    Nice to find your blog today.


    Drop in a follow if you get time.

    Best Wishes.

  3. That's beautiful. I suspect it is a deadly pattern for sea-trout?