Tuesday, 26 June 2012

River Clyde today!

This morning I fancied going down the Clyde Valley to fish the river for trout. I wasn't sure if it would be fishable as there had been a huge spate over the weekend. Apparently there were good numbers of salmon in the river due to the unseasonal spate.
My season ticket for the Clyde doesn't cover me for migratory fish and when I arrived at the river it was obvious that I wouldn't be fishing at all as the water was still fairly high and very coloured. The conditions were right for some though as there were about eight cars parked at Mauldslie. I left the salmon anglers to it and moved onto Crossford.
When arrived I didn't see any anglers but there was a couple of cars parked up. The water was gushing through the bridge and although you cant see the colour of the water properly in the vid clip because of  the low tech camera I can assure you it was chocolate brown. I thought about driving down to Abington as I reckoned the river wouldn't be so coloured down there but decided just to head back to Airdrie and fish Hillend where I spent a couple of hours on the north shore where the highlight was catching a couple of bloody perch on a muddler!


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