Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Almost Spring at Hillend.

I was up at the loch the other day and although there are signs of spring coming along winter has left its mark on the loch's surroundings. All the trees are bare and the grass is as short as it ever will be but in a few short weeks everything will spring into life again and the bank side will be alive with enthusiastic anglers. Im all set for the opening weekend, rods cleaned lines stretched and some new fly patterns to try. Lures will probably dominate the opening couple of weeks if its cold but my prefere patterns of choice are ttraditional wets which i like to tinker with like the pattern above.

In the mean time this weekend I will be going along to the Glasgow Angling Centre open day. I will focus my attention as ever at the flytying demos. I also hope to pick up some bargains and I might even get some pics which I will post on here. Check back here at the weekend to see if I managed.

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