Saturday 25 May 2013

Dungavel Reservoir


Yesterday Scott and I  visited Dungavel reservoir. My last visit there turned out to be a red letter day but this time round it was a bit different. On arriving at the loch Jim a member of the UAAA committee asked us if we really wanted to fish as the east wind puts the fish down and he didn't hold out much hope for for us being successful. Undeterred we decide to fish as we had come all that way and we would have a go no matter what the weather. We were given the key for the hut and the boat but decided not to go afloat because of the strong wind but did make good use of the hut when having our coffee and sandwiches etc.
To cut a long story short I caught less than one but Scott caught a couple of small trout on the kate McLsren. Fishing was poor but I had a great day out trying to fool the trout in adverse conditions. Make no mistake Dungavel is a great venue, we just had the misfortune to visit when the weather wasn't ideal. That might sound like a poor excuse for my lack of success but for me that's part and parcel of fishing.

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  1. Your lakes and country sides are amazing. Great fishing


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