Monday, 24 June 2013

A plethora of trout

I didn't bother fishing Hillend over the weekend instead I had planned for a days fishing today. I was in two minds where to go today. In the end I opted for a lochan which nestles in a cleuch at over a thousand feet high on a familiar and popular Lanarkshire hill.
When I arrived I set up with a wet daddie and a Kate and right away I hooked into a trout which was fooled by the Kate.
It was surprising to note that there wasn't much fly life about and only saw a few rises. The wind at times made casting difficult but I kept on the move and managed cover the whole lochan.
I landed fish after fish but nothing of great size and the Jurassic trout I had come in search of proved elusive.I know they are there and will have to return soon to meet up with them.
In summary it was a wonderful day in a magnificent setting which felt like I was somewhere in the highlands.

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