Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Flurry of Activity

I've recently been tying quite a lot of flies. The reason for the flurry of activity at the vice was firstly that I had to tie up sixteen flies which have to be sent to a Hebridean Island  for a fly swap which I'm involved with on my favourite fly fishing forum.
Then I purchased one of these resins which set immediately with the use of a uv torch. So I have been experimenting with it and using it to form butts on some simple patterns and also tied a few buzzers too.. I have to be honest here, I think the price these resin kits are on sale for is an absolute disgrace and that's why I have until put off purchasing one. However I was in my local angling shop the other day and I got the kit for a knockdown price. I could never justify buying this kit at the prices some outlets are asking for and to be honest I only got the kit out of curiosity as I don't tie many buzzer patterns but it will be useful for some patterns.I suppose we flytyers are suckers for something new on the tying scene. 

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