Saturday, 1 February 2014

Two for a drifting boat!

I had a drive up to the loch today just to hear the latest gossip and see how the pike anglers were getting on today as this was the first weekend that the loch opened up for those who pursue Hillend's toothy predators.
The weather was awful  with wind sleet and rain so I didn't bother going for a walk along the south shore.
I saw a double figure pike getting caught in front of the clubhouse and heard of another 10lb pike getting caught earlier.
Apparently there were over fifty anglers on the loch today. However pike fishing is not for me. I have caught a few by accident rather than design over the years at Hillend.
I much prefer to tie flies during the winter and pour over maps and books and plan future trout fishing trips. Here's a couple of flies I tied last night . No doubt there will be a few more from the vice today.

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