Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Spectacular Durness continued!

I really could post hundreds of photos but that's not possible . Hope these give a feel for the fishing up there. I will post more pics tomorrow from some of the walks I did in and around the lochs and the coast.


  1. Hi dabbler, I've really enjoyed reading your blog (only recently discovered it). I've fished the Lilly several times with some success but struggled on Hillend.I would be extremely grateful if you could you give me any basic advice regards lines, flies, locations,etc for the loch? Thanks.

    Keep up the super work.


  2. To be honest no one place is better than the other at @ Hillend. All areas fish well at one time or other. The north shore is great for wading. So that's great area for comfortable fishing. I use a floating line for bank fishing and occasionally a sink tip when fishing from the boat. Use lures such as gold head marabou tailed lures in all varieties of colours. I do like black. The cormorant lure is also popular. I also use trad wet flies my fave being the Kate McLaren. Wet daddies and muddlers are also effective when conditions suit.
    Hope this was useful for ya!
    The Dabbler of Hillend.

    1. Thanks for the speedy reply,Dabbler. Sound and straightforward advice.Gives me a bit of confidence and will go up next weekend.

      Thanks again