Monday, 29 September 2014

Oot n Aboot - Catching Troot!

I’ve just returned from a four day Stravaig to the North West Highlands of the United kingdom.
I had an absolutely magnificent time tramping the hills through heather and bog to the numerous hill lochs that abound in this part of the country. The fishing was amazing and a couple of the lochs I visited are very special indeed. I fished the Loch of the Buttery troot, The Loch of the secret canoe, The Shooder Loch and The Loch of the bandy troot to name but a few.
The weather was fine apart from two days when the wind was ferocious to say the least, however it didn’t put off the trout it just made catching them a little bit more challenging.
All in all it was a very successful trip in the company of a group of like minded fisher folk with a passion for wild fishing in the remote mountainous lands of the North West Highlands.

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