Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Phenomenal Flee Barr None!

My blog received some criticism recently because of the lack of fishing articles of late.
There is a reason for that, I haven't been fishing.
I'm not really one for visiting commercial fisheries and Ive not had any time these last couple of months to have a go at the grayling on the Clyde.
Therefore Ive been posting a few fly patterns on the blog recently.
I had been concentrating mainly on patterns for my end of season trip but sometimes its good to just have some fun with fur, feather and tinsel.I hope you like the latest example of the fly patterns I tied tonight.
I came across this unusual brightly coloured pattern from a chap I met back in the summer. The title of my post might lead you to what he called this pattern.
Apparently a good pattern to try on your top dropper when all else fails.
Its very easy to tie, the materials are Orange life cycle dubbing , gold oval tinsel, Orange body hackle and a kingfisher blue collar hackle.

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