Monday, 29 August 2016

Meddling with Muddlers

As a rule I tend to shy away from tying muddlers, as they are very fiddly and time consuming and to be honest they are a bit hit or miss as to whether they will turn out acceptable.
Oh! and another thing, they make a bit of a mess, as that deer hair gets everywhere which doesn't go down too well with Swmbo.
I find the trouble with Muddlers is that I never know when to stop trimming them as there is always some imperfection to be tinkered about with, then before you know it I will have cut far too much deer hair off and the fly is no longer going to be anything resembling a muddler, which results in the fly getting tossed into the waste bin.
However today I thought I would have a go at tying them as I could be doing with a few for next months fishing trip. 
I was actually pleased with these and actually started to enjoy tying them once I got the hang of technique of shaping the head.
I look forward to using these as I believe they will work really well on the Lochs for wild brown trout especially in a good wave which I will undoubtedly encounter on the Uists and Benbecula such is the weather in those parts.

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