Wednesday, 17 October 2018

At the end of the line!

Angling has a rich history of literature and I'm lucky enough to have a number of classic angling books in my collection!
I'm particularly keen on books that deal with the art of flytying. Flytying books are a wealth of information on not only the dressings but the history of flies. Among my favourites are "Lets Fish the Clyde" by Bert Sharp, Mike Hardings "North Country Spiders" and Stan Headley's " Flies Of Scotland."
One book which has been available for a couple of years and was brought to my attention recently by the excellent Flytyer John Ferguson of Dalmellington , is  "At the end of the line" by Ex-International fisherman and flytyer George Barron.
I recently met George and had a brief chat with him at the Glasgow Angling Centre where he was giving flytying demonstrations. 
A few days later I got in touch with him online and he arranged for a signed copy of his excellent book to be sent to me.
It's a fantastic piece of work dealing with classic loch style wet flies a style that I like to fish and tye too. 
It's been a joy to pour over the last few days, picking out a few patterns to tie and to keep in mind for future use. 
Im not gonna claim to have managed to tie exact copies of the flies there in contained in this book but what I can say is that this book has inspired me to keep busy at the vice and will keep me tying during the dark winter months until the new fishing season arrives next year! 

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