Friday, 27 August 2010

Hillend News Flash!

This afternoon while I was passing Hillend Loch I noticed a bit of a commotion near the Hillend Lodge . I pulled in to see why the group of fishermen were all huddled together by the loch shore. On closer inspection I realized that a bloke was playing a huge rainbow trout and was having considerable trouble landing it. With the assistance of one of the Hillend Bailiffs after which was reported to be a good twenty minute heart stopping struggle he managed to eventually net the fish. The fish weighed 13 and a half pound which was probably a personal best for the very happy and lucky angler.
There is a big competition being held at the Loch tomorrow. This fish is believed to be one of a number of huge fish that were stocked this week I await with interest to hear if anymore get caught as I will be at the Loch on Sunday for an outing on the boat and wouldn't mind catching one of these brutes on the fly.


  1. hi allan,
    was nice catching up with you last night for a gab... i hope to be up the loch tonight after my tea.


  2. One word.... no, that needs two... HOLY #@$%. looks to be one happy and lucky guy.

  3. Last dig of the week Stato,catching something remotely trout shaped would be a bonus for you never mind one of this size.