Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tinto Revisited

I do apologise for taking a few days to get this up on the blog but my mind was on other things on Saturday and it was imperative that I visited a dearly loved place that I hadn't been to for many a year.
After visiting Tinto last month I told my friends all about how wonderful it was That was why Scott accompanied me at Tinto fishery on Friday morning. The weather wasn't looking too great but we were determined to have a day at this ideal location.
We started off with a coffee in the bothy then strung our rods and tied up our casts.We started off on the bottom loch in the drizzly rain. We fished for a few hours here and we both caught a few small brown trout each. I hooked into a fine looking rainbow which after a brief fight leaped from the water and managed to evade me.
In the afternoon we took a walk up to the top loch. There was trout rising everywhere on this loch all be it the small brown trout. Once again we caught numerous wee yins and as usual the better fish failed to show up for me.
We met up with a couple of anglers as we made our way down from the top loch and had a very useful chat as they were regulars at Tinto and told us all about the lochs. Tinto Trout fishery really is a wonderful place. You would be forgiven for thinking you were fishing some wild and remote hill loch in the highlands yet it is only about a forty minute drive from my house.I will be back and hopefully I will get in touch with one or two of those huge brown trout that reside there.

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