Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Totey Trout

Last Friday as I flew in over the Scottish Countryside from my holiday abroad I was scouring the landscape below me trying to recognise any features that would give a clue to my whereabouts.
Then all of a sudden my attention was drawn to a well-known feature which normally looks like an upside down phallic symbol when seen from the M74. However on this occasion from my seat aboard an aeroplane heading for Glasgow it was the correct way up (so to speak) If you are wondering what I’m havering about? The next time you are fishing the Clyde between Abington and Crawford have a look towards the slopes of TewsgillHill and you will see a straight line of trees with a bulbous shape of trees at the top. Whoever designed the layout for these trees had their tongue firmly in their cheek.
Anyway I digress Once I realized where I was I began to survey the land below me. It was fantastic to see the River Clyde twist and turn through the hills and fields from the air and I made a mental note to be down there fishing in a few days’ time.
That was why I found myself by the River Clyde on Tuesday afternoon. I was in the area near Wandel. When I arrived it started raining and I had a bit of Thunder & Lightning which is always worrying as I don’t like waving my rod about with all that electricity in the air. I made my way to the river through a field which had so many sheep that they could have packed out Pittodrie and helped the Aberdeen fans on their ill-fated Sell Out Saturday. The weather soon improved and I searched the river for trout with a magpie and silver on the point and a wee bushy gingery flee on the dropper. It took a while to get my first fish which was fooled by the point fly then I had another three all taken on the same fly. The trout were rather small but I persevered looking for the big yins but they never appeared. I must say that after an abstinence of about three weeks from fishing it was fantastic just to be there.

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