Saturday, 13 October 2012

Practice Day on the Clyde!

Lets just say I had a great practice day on the Clyde yesterday! lol. Im a bit of a novice at the trotting lark. Conditions were far from ideal as the river was high and running fast but it was good to try and get a feel for this style of fishing again and give the floats a try that I got from George Lockhart who very kindly made them for me. You can see George's work and read about his fishing exploits here at . Next time I would prefer to have an experienced float fisher with me as sometimes I was wondering if i had the line set too long or too short etc and also I havent a clue if it was worth fishing the river today in these condiions. I went with John T last November and his help was invaluable as he was always ready with advice, we both had a teriffic day so I think I will get in touch soon John about a day on the river eh?

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