Monday, 1 October 2012

Return to the Secret loch!

Today a desperate character demanded of me the location of the secret loch. Well Keeping true to the secret location reposed in me I answered that the location of this loch was known to only three men in the whole of Airdrie. namely Scott, Tam and myself and that without the co-operation and consent of the other two I neither could or would divulge the location. So I blindfolded wee wullie and drove him through the countryside until we got there lol!
Seriously! My old fiend Willie and I have climbed many mountains together but something we had not done together for many years was go fishing. So we decided to make a trip to the Secret Loch which may well be the last trout fishing I will do this year. On the way there I was telling Willie all about this little gem of a place.
When we arrived at the loch shore the wind was blowing right down the loch in a westerly direction but it was a bit strong. I gave Willie a couple of flies to tie on while I fished with a wet daddie on the point and a Kate on the dropper. On my second cast I hooked and landed a lovely trout which was fooled by the fly that was so successful on my recent stravaig, the wet daddie.  Willie must have thought we were going to be in for a trout bonanza but experience told me otherwise.I then told Willie where to concentrate his efforts while I made my way to the top of the loch and down the opposite shore fishing along the way. I saw a couple of trout leap from the water but never hooked anymore fish. I made my way back round to my friend and we had lunch which consisted of coffee and oatcakes with cheese. After lunch we fished on for about another hour or so amidst a couple of showers and then when the bad weather really started to move in we called it a day and retired to a South Lanarkshire village pub for a  welcome pint of beer.
This was a lovely way to end a mixed trout season for me in a wonderful location and will be a place I hope to visit more often next season.

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