Saturday, 2 March 2013

My celebrity Angling mates!

Today folks I have had to deal with an abusive troll on the blog who was leaving unsavoury messages on a couple of my blog posts. The person in question amongst various other accusations appeared to think I was trying to curry favour with celebrity anglers
Could I point out I do not pretend to be anything other than an enthusiastic fly fisher and fly tyer who enjoys sharing my pics, thoughts and my flies patterns with others.
As a result of this pathetic nutter I was reluctant to make this post on my blog. However I shall carry on regardless. I was at GAC today to enjoy some tying demos and try to pick up hints and tips etc. It was a bit too busy this morning in fact far too busy as I never even got to have a proper blether with my celeb mates! lol

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  1. Sadly you get trolls everywhere on the web, keep up the good work, enjoying your posts and look forward to your fishing exploits throughout the season and got my ticket for Hillend on Sunday and hopefully a drier year and it'll fish a bit better than 2012.