Monday, 12 May 2014

Three Hillend Broonies!

Today Monday the 12th of May I was out on the boat at Hillend again. It was a bit breezy with a brisk east wind blowing right down the loch.
Despite not having my elusive drogue I ventured out onto the loch about half past ten and set up with my sink tip line with my uv lure on the point and a Kate on the dropper.  I motored down the loch to the Eastercroft bay and drifted into the moss. I hooked a fish on my first drift but sadly the fish broke me and made off with my Kate McLaren which was on my top dropper.It was then that I realised I had forgotten to take my net out on the boat and wondered how I would manage without it. However I coped. I had another drift in the same area but the wind was troublesome as the boat was drifting too quick.
So I decided to head over to the back bay where I thought it might not be so exposed. This proved to be the correct decision. I started my drift in the mound area and the wind took me over to the big moss hole. However on the way over there I hooked and landed a beaut of a brown trout which was fooled by my black uv lure. I ended that drift with a snag near the fence post which sticks out the water over there. I lost the whole leader. So I set up another and went back down the east end of the loch again and made the same drift This time I landed another brown trout though this time not so big but it was a wee beauty with its silvery flanks and black spots. I next moved to Lowe’s bay where the bay was sheltered and saw several fish taking small black flies from the surface. I changed to my floater and tied on two black peacock spiders however I had no success.
So it was back to the sink tip, lure and Kate as I started another drift from the east end towards the Island. Again I fooled another broonie again with the lure and once again it was on the small side. But as you can see they are in pristine condition.
I made several more drifts in various locations without further success before calling it a day about 3pm.
In summary, I had another wonderful and very enjoyable day on the boat at the loch which I fully intend to do again as soon as I can. Oh! and I better get a new drogue!

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