Saturday, 31 May 2014

Chasing The Ripple!

On the penultimate day of May I arranged a holiday from work and took out a boat at Hillend.
As the title of this post suggests I was chasing a ripple all day as for most of the day the loch was flat calm however now and again the wind would pick up but soon disappear.
Therefore I had to do a bit of manoeuvring about to find the trout.
I eventually found them at a couple of areas in and around the Spiers Island. I managed a brown tout of about 2 1/4lb which was duped by one of my wet daddy patterns and was kept for the pot then a short while after I managed another brown trout this time around the 2 ½ lb mark which was foiled by my black uv lure which was safely returned to the loch to fight another day.
Before ending my day at the loch I hooked a pike which I somehow managed to lose at the boat. It’s fair to say I wasn’t too bothered about that as it saved me handling the toothy predator.

All in all another great day afloat at my local loch.

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