Friday, 7 November 2014

Hebridean Flee Box!

Hello there . Its been a while since my last post. The reason for my absence from these pages is simple. I haven't been fishing or flytying.
However this weekend I will be tying as just this afternoon my fishing trip to the Uists next year was finally booked and my friends and I are in the process booking boats and arranging which lochs to fish. So suitably inspired my thoughts have been turning to fly patterns etc. So off I went to GAC this afternoon for some new tying threads , hooks and tinsel etc.
Looks like I will be tying my favourite style of flies, the Trad wets, as they would appear to be what is required on the Outer Hebrides. While I was in the GAC I purchased what is most likely the cheapest and handiest flee box I have ever had. It was only 55p. That's 50p more expensive than the carrier bag lol.
So folks, I will be posting a few pics of what ever falls from my vice over the next day or two. So please excuse me I'm off to tie some flees.

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