Tuesday, 15 September 2015

South Uist Stravaig 2015

That's the 2015 Wild Fishing Forum EOS Stravaig to South Uist over for another year.
I've now experienced a few of these get togethers and have to say this has been the most enjoyable of the lot.
Paul has to be congratulated for planning and organising the whole trip and I'm sure I speak on behalf of everyone when I say it was very much appreciated for without all the planning and ground work  to such a remote location this would never have ran so smoothly.
Andy is also to be lauded for all his advice and knowledge of the Uists too.
The accommodation, meals and apr├Ęs fishing were first class as was the company of all the Stravaigers who travelled from the North South East and West.
The fishing was fantastic all be it little tough especially in the strong winds , particularly on the boats as I'm not great on the oars although I tried my best.
I was more comfortable with the bank fishing on all the various lochs we fished and it was a real joy to fool a number of beautiful trout.
It was reckoned that over 100 trout were caught over the duration of our time on the island with Vaughn having having and I quote" The best fishing day ever"
I personally would like to have  a return visit to South Uist sometime in the future.
My experience has given me an insight into the potential this Island has, especially if the conditions were just perfect.
I've got a head full of memories and a camera full of pics. Check back later for a slide show video of my trip.


  1. Hi There - I really enjoyed your South Uist Stravaig Report and recognised some if the places you fished. Who is eligible to go on these events? I am a member of the wild fishing forum but could find nothing about it on there. Thanks for continuing to provide a link to my blog Burrator Flyfishers. I went to south Uist a few years ago and stayed with Billy Felton. I recognised some of the places in your photos. All the best...Peter Macconnell

  2. Thanks! anyone who is a member of the forum is welcome to come along. There is a section on the forum "stravaigs and Marauders" where all the info for get together and meet ups are published. I hope to get out there again next year so if you wish to go look out for when it's getting organised.
    That was first visit to Uist and I really enjoyed my time there. The wind was troublesome escpecially whilst on the boat.
    Do you have access to reports on the WF forum? You need to make a certain number of posts before getting access to reports etc.
    All the best, Allan