Monday, 28 December 2009

The Clan Chief

I have been at the tying bench tonight tying up a few Clan Chiefs. This fly is a favourite of mine. It is a modern day traditional fly created by an Orcadian man,John Kennedy. it was originally designed by him for migratory fish. It also has a good reputation on the mainland for brown trout. Its creator was clearly inspired by the Kingsmill - Moore bumble patterns. This version I have tied tonight is a little bit over dressed as it was originally intended to be tied sparsely. I will let the trout decide.


  1. Hello there, just a small mistake: Capt John Kennedy OBE (Military) was originally from Ayrshire and after his army service ran the South Uist Estates fisheries, including (at that time) LochBoisdale hotel. The fly was first tied the evening after JK had met, under unusual circumstances, a local clan chief in the hotel. A good Uist cast for me on Lower Kildonan would be a Goats Toe on the point, a Clan Chief in the middle, and another of JK's flies - in my opinion his very best - a Brigadier, tied for Brig. Gregor MacGregor of Clan Gregor, on the bob. I like your blog - very good indeed.

  2. Thank You Nial for getting in touch with regards to the true origin of the Clan Chief pattern.
    My research on this pattern led me to John Roberts Illustrated dictionary of trout flies. Just make one wonder how much of the rest of the book has been properly researched.
    I am intrigued about JK's other pattern you mention the Brigadier. Any info you have on that would be very much appreciated. Do get in touch and once again Thanks.
    Regards. The Hillend Dabbler