Sunday, 6 June 2010

Saturday Night is Competition Night!

While millions sat in tonight to watch the final of "Britain's got talent" to see if an auld 81 year old Scottish granny could win it I decided to visit a 200 hundred year old Scottish reservoir to enter a fly fishing competition to see if I could win it. Just like the auld granny I failed miserably too. When I arrived the conditions were just about perfect. I chose to target the Braco Burn area of the Loch.I fished there for a couple of hours without success and then made my way eastwards along the shore to try my luck in a couple of likely looking bays. To my surprise I only saw a handful of fish rising. There was plenty of fly life around and when it started to get dark the Big Sedges started making an appearance. That usually triggers the trout but it was one of those strange nights when they did not come out to play. Perhaps the wind changing direction to an easterly round about ten o'clock put the fish down. I gave up at around eleven o'clock. While making my way back to the club house I met Dennis and Archie and they too were unsuccessful. I never hung around to hear the result. I will find out tomorrow.


  1. I was on another local water this evening Allan and fared exactly the same. The fish were on caenis and completely ignoring the odd mayfly and massive sedge that were around. I blamed the cold easterly too!


  2. I completely understand why you do not wish to divulge the location of this water.However, I may know the location of the said water. I had no idea it was home to rudd/roach. So close to a busy road too?