Sunday, 6 June 2010

Tying a Balloon Caddis [The Video]

You might get fed up with me going on about this fly but I thought I would post a video to show how easy they are to tie. My friend Tam spoke to me on the phone this afternoon and said he read about this fly on my blog. I tied him a few this afternoon as he was going up to the Lily Loch. He said he will let me know how he gets on with them. He came to my house to collect them just as I was finishing this video clip. So he is away up to his Loch with this fly and a couple of others.If the conditions are favourable he will get success with these, I'm sure. I better get tying some more.I hope you find the video interesting and helpful. Please feel free to leave comments good, bad or indifferent


  1. Hi Alan,
    despite fishing for over 40 years it is only now that I have retired that I decided to give fly tying a bash. Any video instruction such as yours is a boon to a keen learner such as myself.Thank you for sharing
    best wishes

  2. hi alan make it look so easy.