Sunday, 6 June 2010

Lazy Sunday Evening

I decided to go up to the Loch tonight at about nine o'clock. I sat in the club house car park for a bit and watched a couple of anglers casting at rising fish. I wasn't going to bother fishing but when I saw the rising fish I just had to have a few casts. I just fished down from the club house and didn't bother with waders or wellies I just went down in my trainers and fished from the stones as I was too lazy tonight to wander about trying all the nooks and crannies. I was on the water five minutes when I got a rise to the single fly I had tied on . Guess what fly I was using? Yes it was that fly. I soon got my first take and landed the above trout. After numerous more rises and takes I hooked into another trout but this time the fish broke me and got off. By this time the sedges were scuttering along the surface in good numbers . I had a few more splashy rises to my fly then I wound in and packed up. It was one very happy and contented angler who made his way home tonight.


  1. you`ll need to lend me a couple to try out for

    i`ve been doing ok with the muddler



  2. your site!