Saturday, 30 October 2010

Claret & Partridge

I thought it would be best to get a blog post up before I leave later on today for the BFFI at Stoke and will be away for a couple of days. I got my monthly edition of Trout and Salmon magazine through my letter box a couple of days ago. An article by Stan Headley , he of Loch Fishers Bible and Trout and Salmon Flies of Scotland fame was drawn to my attention. It was an article about the middle fly on a traditional cast of three flies for Loch fishing. There is mention of a few flies in the piece but the fly I liked the look of was the Claret Partridge. It looks and has all the properties that I like in a fly.Nice and bushy and brilliant for retrieving through a good wave not only that but it is in a style That I find aesthetically pleasing to tie.Well that's all for now folks. I will be back early next week hopefully with new ideas and materials and look forward at getting busy at the vice next week and give my winter fly tying a much needed kick start.

Hook:Kamazan 10
Thread:Red Uni 8/0
Tail:Dyed Red Pheasant Tail
Rib:Fine gold Tinsel
Body:Claret seals fur
Body Hackle:Claret Hen
Collar Hackle:Grey Partridge


  1. You missed out additional head hackle Allan , Tidy your heads up and you have a winner

  2. Hi allan i like it ,,also enjoyed the article on stoke,,I think i will need to try this tying myself

    thanks eddie