Thursday, 24 May 2012

Blue Loch Ordie

I picked up my copy of the flyfishing and flytying magazine this morning on my way to work. I know! I was over a week late in getting it. I really ought to sort out a yearly subscription of this fine magazine.Anyway while having my usual wee morning coffee break I flicked through the magazine and came across an excellent article on the Loch Ordie Fly, a pattern my friends and I have had great success with in the Highlands and at Hillend too.
This article was about the origins of the pattern and some of the variations which have been devised. I was aware of the variations but there was one pattern which I was intrigued to see and one I had never heard of before . That was a version called the Blue Loch Ordie devised by Norman Irvine from Orkney. I would recommend having a read at the article if you can its very interesting. This afternoon I decided to tie up some Blue Ordies. This one is on a size 10.When I next visit my local angling shop I'll pick up some size 12 hooks and get a few Blue Ordies tied in that size too.

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