Monday, 28 May 2012

Hillend is coming alive!

Driving up to Hillend last night I was feeling a bit down. I turned on the cd player and the opening riffs of pretty vacant blasted out. Sometimes you need the Sex Pistols in your life.The drive along the A89 by the south shore to the Hillend Lodge in the sunshine was all the better for it. Once parked up the Lodge I slipped on my waders and made my way along the cycle path on the south shore to the area between the concrete jetties. A light east breeze gave a nice ripple on the water as I cast my silver invicta and a Kate McLaren with yellow goose biot cheeks into the loch. Nothing happened for the first twenty minutes or so I took a break and just sat on the bank enjoying the sunshine. There was plenty flies on the water most notably the green drakes and alder flies along with various others. There were quite a few fish starting to show now so I decided to start fishing again.Over the course of the session I managed to lose one fish catch and release another had numerous follows to the fly which was quite exciting to watch as the fish swirled at my flies and saw a plethora of fish rising for most of the night. Although I only caught the one fish this was one of the most enjoyable nights Ive had at Hillend this season so far. It really makes a difference casting at rising fish and knowing that there are plenty of fish around as apposed to just fishing blindly and casting and retrieving monotonously. I reluctantly stopped fishing about half past ten and walked back to the the now deserted Hillend Lodge. As I drove home Elvis Costello was Pumping it up! I was very happy now.

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  1. Pistols, Costello and a fat rainbow in between. I'd sign up for that any given day.