Saturday, 21 July 2012

An afternoon on the River Clyde

Yesterday afternoon the weather looked favourable so I decided to take a drive down to Abington to fish the River Clyde. I was fishing near the monument and set up with a Magpie and silver on the point and a GRHE nymph on the dropper. a fish came to my flies on the first cast but I missed it but I didn't have to wait too long for another and this time caught my first trout of the day. I walked a fair bit down the river before stopping for a coffee and  biscuits then walked back to where I started. I caught trout all along the river most of the dozen or so trout I caught were fooled by the magpie and silver. The trout were quite small but they were great wee fighters all the same.
It  was very pleasant way to spend a  Friday afternoon off work and  something I  must do again soon

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