Monday, 16 July 2012

A Scotsman and a Englishman were fishing Hillend.

Last Saturday night I was afloat on the loch in unusual circumstances. Let me explain. My good friend Tam who is a member of the Clarkston Angling Club was short of a man for the boat pairs Inter club comp against my club Airdrie and District. Therefore he asked me if I was available to partner wee Jimmy the Scouser for his club. I was only too happy to oblige despite the cries of Judas.
Conditions weren't ideal but we managed a certain degree of success. We Jimmy caught s couple of fine Hillend Loch rainbows while I managed to catch a Wild Hillend brown trout which i returned to the loch.
At the end of the night My club won the comp quite comprehensively.
A good night was had by all the anglers and the hot snacks and drinks which were laid on for us when we returned to the Club House was very much appreciated. Some enjoyed the cake and biscuits more than others eh Tam?  I was watching you. I suppose it was comfort eating to compensate for yer lack of fish. [Only Kidding]

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