Sunday, 1 July 2012

Hillend Cormorants.

No this blog post is not about those pests that can be seen from time to time at the Loch . Its a feature on  a fly pattern that was brought to my attention by a fellow Hillender who has done well for years on the boat at Hillend using all sorts of variations of the Cormorant.
I dont own or use many lures but will make an exception with these patterns as I do quite like the look of these for brown as well as rainbows. With a trip to a South Lanarkshire fishery in mind next week I tied these this morning.

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  1. Gotta be honest I never considered them lures thouhg I have seen them listed as such. Some of min are quite sparse and all petty small ( #10 at biggest)- certainly no bigger than most wet flies, albeit the wing when dry is a bit bushier where I used marabou. JC eyes seem to be especially effective with this pattern.