Monday, 3 September 2012

A Secret Hill Loch.

All I can say about the location of my day out fishing today is that I went South. Scott and I set off this morning but got caught in heavy traffic as we tried to get out of town. So later than anticipated we managed to escape the rush of people going to work and doing the school run etc. It was pleasing to watch the urban sprawl turn to winding roads, green fields and purple and brown hills as we travelled onwards.
It was about ten o'clock when we arrived at out secret hill loch. This location is a real gem of a place and would hate to see it get popular . I know it might be a bit snobbish trying to keep this place to myself. Don't get me wrong others do fish it but not many and its better that it stays that way.
I set up with a muddler and a Kate McLaren and got a few offers but nothing stuck. I changed several point flies and put on a pink tailed Loch Ordie on the dropper. The change of dropper worked on its first cast as I caught a nice 1/2 pound brown trout. I soon hooked into another fish which looked bigger but it eventually won the fight as it threw the hook. Then it all went quiet for a while. The wind got stronger as the day progressed and it became difficult fishing my way down the shore.
I decided to head back up to the top of the loch again and changed over to a team of spiders. The change worked a treat as I hooked and landed another two trout. I then worked my way back down the loch rising another couple of trout but no further trout were caught. Now it was time to head home as Scott was going on night shift so we reluctantly broke down our rods and shouldered out rucksacks then headed out the hills back to the car for the drive back to the bricks and mortar of our hometown.


  1. Out of interest what speed were you doing? And, er what time did you leave at?

  2. In normal circumstances it should take just over an hour to reach this place from Airdrie

  3. Just came across your blog and enjoying the write ups, was searching on rannoch moor fishing and came across your blog from last September. I fish Rannoch moor a few times each year and there are quite a few of the golden fish you mentioned catching a few years ago, I caught the one below last week although there would have been better examples. Seeing you like hill lochs, have you tried the lochs at Furness?

    I'm also a member of Hillend, have been for about 5 years although finding it poor this year. Been out on the boat a few times and although caught fish, found there have been few fish rising.

  4. Nice fish Mick. Re The lochs you refer to at Furnace? Furnace Argyle? near Loch Fyne?. I havent fished those yet but they are on my radar. I too have been finding Hillend poor this year I havent been fishing it much recently and much prefer places like those in my last blog post. Anyway Glad you like the blog. Keep in touch and let me know how you get on fishing.

    Cheers, Allan.

  5. Hi! Love the blog, im starting my own about my fly tying and fishing trips.

    I noticed you were up in stornoway! My wife comes from there, so i get to fish up there often.

    My question is the lochs you go to lime your secret one - day permit or free fishing? I want to try and get more fishing in!! And if i can find some where i dont need to pay all the better!!

  6. You need permission to fish. Its not expensive £5 for a day ticket

  7. That's excellent. I'll need to look more into that for next season! I fish the fisheries at the moment - high dam, tweedsdale, roselynlea, but would love to do some nice loch fishing for wild brownies down here.