Monday, 24 September 2012

The Stravaig

It started up in Caithness on Tuesday on loch Sarcalet in decent fishing conditions you know the kind of thing not too bright and a nice wee ripple on the surface however my stravaig didn’t get off to the best of starts as I didn’t raise or hook a fish on this loch.
After a couple of hours we moved over to loch of Yarrows but it was blowing a hooly so we never wet a line there and decided to bank fish Watten but it proved difficult as I only managed a couple of small trout for several hours of trying.
Next day I gave Watten a go from the boat. I was out for a couple of hours in the morning and after some lunch had another couple of hours. However I never got anything from the boat but did manage three from the shore which were again quite small.
I was surprised by the amount of colour in Wattens water it had a green tinge to it which I believe is the result of the phosphates from the fields on the loch shores and which builds up as the season progresses. This is a tad worrying as it will eventually ruin the fishing completely. I must point out that it wasn’t all bad as John had a couple of decent fish and Paul had a nice trout too.
Thursday arrived and Paul recommended we have try on Loch of Wester which is about 12k south of John o Groats and also that there was a chance of a sea trout as this is the prime time for them making the short journey of 2k from the sea into the loch.
John was the only one to get sea trout infect he managed two and a few browns too. Paul and I managed about ten brown trout each. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on this loch and would like to go back there next season.
After a good day on this east coast loch we made the long journey over to the west coast of the country to Wester Ross.
I arrived at the hostel near Dundonnell on Thursday night along with John and Paul after a very pleasant couple of days in Caithness. We were warmly welcomed by the other staravaigers and settled down to a few drinks and a blether before turning in for the night.
In the morning Alan, John Ewan and I fished a couple of lochs north west of Laide. The fish were numerous but nothing spectacular size wise but it was a great day among some lovely scenery and good company.
In the evening John made the most wonderful chilli which everyone enjoyed. This was followed by various alcoholic drinks and chatter.
I had a lazy day on Saturday of fly-tying then having a walk down to the wee coffee shop and a walk along the shore of little loch broom where I met Alan and Malcolm who were sea fishing. Later I watched the dolphins doing their thing in the loch before I returned to the hostel and awaited the others returning from the hills with their fish tales. In the evening Fred’s lovely curry was enjoyed by everyone then much beer, wine and whisky was consumed by all accompanied by Billy’s selection of cheese and meats and all sorts of nick nacks.
Sunday morning arrived we split into two groups I was with the group which went up to Loch na h Airde. I caught numerous trout and had a wee wander around taking pics and generally loafing about lapping up the company and the scenery.
We then returned back to the hostel and as usual we were well fed and watered.
Sadly Monday arrived and the staravaig was over.
Before I finish I thought I would mention the flies that caught fish for me. The fly which was most successful was the wet daddies other flies which caught were small muddlers, Kates and olive spiders.
I certainly thoroughly enjoyed my first ever stravaig. It has to be said that it just wasn’t all about the fishing it was absolutely wonderful just to be there in such a beautifularea with like-minded anglers. I hope I got that the right way round lol.

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