Friday, 9 November 2012

U C A P A River Clyde permits 2013

United Clyde Angling Protective Association Ltd

Permit Proposals for 2013
Having increased the price of permits in 2012 to bring them to a realistic level to meet all the financial commitments and plans of UCAPA LTD, we also found ourselves in a deepening economic recession which may have affected the sale of permits. At this stage, this has not happened and it is clear that the true Clyde angler values his fishing and more importantly recognises the costs of maintaining the fishery and continues to support the Association.
With these points in mind, the Association has recommended a “freeze” on permit prices at the 2012 levels for a further year.

 “Universal Permit”
The price of the 2013 Annual permit will be set at £140.00 for Adult Anglers with concessionary prices for Senior Citizens at £115.00 and £60 for Juveniles under 16.
This permit will enable the angler to fish in UCAPA LTD waters all year round and will suit those who like to fish for Salmon and Sea Trout in the Lower Reaches and for Trout and Grayling in the rest of the Middle and Upper Reaches.
With 365 days fishing available this means that the cost of:-

Adult Permit at £140.00 is: 39 pence per day.
Senior Citizen Permit at £115.00 is : 32 pence per day
The Juvenile Universal Permit at £60.00 is: 17 pence per day.

 Freshwater Permits are also “pegged” at the 2012 levels.

 “Migratory Fish Permit”
The Migratory (Salmon Permit will be priced at £105.00 until 01 June 2013 and will thereafter be priced at £150.00.
Therefore it is an advantage to the angler to purchase the permit early and for the Association it helps with cash-flow and budgeting.
The Salmon season from 11 February to 31 October enables the angler to fish for Salmon for 225 days / 37 weeks/ or 9 months.

The cost broken down computes at
Adult (pre June) at £105.00 is 47 pence per day.
Senior Citizen at £80.00 is 36 pence per day.
Juvenile at £ 50.00 is 23 pence per day.

After 1st June the costs break down as follows: (131 FISHING DAYS AVAILABLE)
Adult at £150.00 is £1.15 per day.
Senior at £125.00 is 96 pence per day
Juvenile at £55.00 is 42 pence per day

 Grayling Permits
It is also worth recording that while these who only fish for Grayling claim that there is no stocking carried out, the association has responsibilities in respect of freshwater riparian leases (whole year) and other costs pertinent to the running of the fishery.
the Grayling Season on UCAPA waters runs from 07 October through to 14 March (inclusive). This means that Grayling anglers have 158 days fishing available to them.

An Adult Permit at £25.00 is only 16 pence per day
A Senior permit at £15.00 is 10 pence per day
A Juvenile permit at £10.00 is 6 pence per day.

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