Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Black Loch

Imaging my surprise this afternoon when visiting the Glasgow Angling Centre for  various flyting odds and ends when just as I was leaving the store I came a across a flyer for the Black Loch which is near Limeriigg just a few miles north east of Hillend.
Rather than me try to describe the loch and the ambitious plans for the loch its best just to visit the website which has everything you need to know about this potentially great fishing venue. I certainly would like to visit this new venue in the coming season. Have a look

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  1. I too picked up the leaflet on a visit to the GAC. It looks good but some people on the Fly Forum have reservations, saying it is riddled with pike and that a hooligan element bait and spin fish it. I think I will make my own mind up with a visit next year.