Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Armchair Fishing

Ive not been been fishing or tying these last few weeks as Ive been rather busy with other matters and at this moment in time this has really felt like the close season.. Now that the winter weather has taken a hold with frost and ice most days this has been the ideal conditions for the pursuit of the lady of the stream. I was intending to get out after the grayling this winter but I just haven't had the time these last few weekends and anyway once I actually gave it some thought I reckon its just been far too cold for me. Maybe I'm just getting old but standing in a river in the severe cold doesn't appeal to me just right now I'd much rather get on with some armchair fishing with a glass of wine or malt near to hand. Therefore I just thought I would share with you a few second books I recently acquired in a fantastic sale. They are My Way with trout by Arthur Cove. Fishing's Best Short Stories by a selection of authors. Fishtales, again by various authors and Where the bright Waters meet by Harry Plunket Greene. I'm sure these will keep me going over the festive period and maybe even inspire me to get out by the river before the year ends.

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