Monday, 31 December 2012

Hillend Photos.

As the sun sets on another year I thought I would make one final post before then New Year begins. Well its actually an appeal to anyone out there with old photos of Hillend who would like to share them with me. I have quite literally got hundreds and hundreds of photos of Hillend. Most are from the last ten years or so therefore I would be very interested to receive older photos. The older the better. It would be especially interesting to see photos from the area where the Club House now stands and also pics of the loch before the cycle track was constructed etc.
I recently got a new camera so I will be out and about at the loch taking photos of the surrounding area. I'm hoping to put together a slide show of photos throughout the years from Hillend so if anyone could assist by contributing any old photos I would be very grateful. If you would like to helpyou can contact me through facebook, twitter and of course email. Happy New Year When it comes.

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