Thursday, 20 December 2012

Three Today!

Today The Hillend Dabbler is three years old Im not sure what age that is in blogging terms though. I'm still enthusiastic now as when I typed out my first article three years ago . During that time I have watched my viewing figures steadily rise and rise until they reached a peak back in August. Which was very pleasing indeed as when I first started the blog I was aiming it at friends and fellow Hillenders. I have to be honest here and say that since the end of the fishing season my viewing figures have made a dramatic turn and are well down on what they were during the course of the fishing season. This is a wee bit concerning as this hasn't happend before since I started blogging. Infact if anything the viewing fufures usually went up during the close season.I would be interested to hear from any other fishing bloggers what their experiences are  with this matter.
Anyway like I said Im still as enthusiastic now as when I first started out and will endevour to try and make the blog more interesting and perhaps post articles more frequently.
Today as I was looking through some of my angling archives I came across this wee poem. I cant remember where exactly I got it from I was thinking it might have came from a fellow Hillender. I'm sure they will get in touch if thats the case.
Tonight I am going to open a nice bottle of red and celebrate three years of the Hillend Dabbler and who knows I mighht even tie a fly to mark the occasion in the mean time enjoy the poem!

A fellow in a boat wi’ me,
Was fishin wi’ a fancy flee
Wi’ colours braw baith black and yellie,
And hairs plucked oot a badger’s bellie.

Whaur did he get that flee sae bonnie?
He got it frae a freen and cronie.
The sportin shops – they never stock it,
The maker’s name is Bobby Crocket,

He used tae be a water bailie,
Got feathers aff a capercaillie,
This day we baith were feelin’ caul,
This flee caught yin while on the trawl,
He caught it by the dorsal fin,
But sportsman-like flung it back in,
Sae freens if fishin’ is yer hobby,
You’ll need tae get a flee frae Bobby…

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