Friday, 6 June 2014

A Very Sunny Black Loch

I made a last minute decision today at the loch. When I turned into the car park at Hillend I decided not to bother fishing Hillend. Instead I made the short journey up to a very sunny Black Loch instead as I knew Donald was going there this morning.
I was afloat on the boat at the Black Loch about 10.30am. and met Donald a short time later near the south shore of the loch. Donald and his boat companion were doing very well with numerous fish caught and released.
Donald was getting a lot of fish on the Candy Floss Booby, not a pattern I am familiar with but Donald gave me one and I tried it for a while without any luck. I had a plethora of takes and rises to my flies but nothing would stick. Eventually I managed a trout which was foiled by my Jingler pattern which I had on my dropper and a daddy on the point. It was my one and only trout of the day which looks about the 2lb mark. Shortly after I dispatched my trout I hooked another but it broke me. That's about the third or fourth time Ive been broken recently . I think my leader material must be brittle. Its 5lb maxima. So I will be giving this a body swerve in future.
Anyway I fished on until about 3.30pm and had another couple of rises to the fly but no further trout.
As you can see from the pics above Donald and his boat partner were not the only ones who knew where the fish were.

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