Saturday, 28 June 2014

A Quadruple from the Lily

So I decided to go up to the Lily loch Fly fishing comp tonight. There were a few A&D AC members fishing it too.
There was a strong east wind blowing right up the loch so I fished from the south shore.
I had thee trout by 7.30pm. First two trout were caught on my black uv lure the third on a wet daddy. Although I was pleased with my early catch I was annoyed by a few rather unsporting anglers who on three occasions as I went back to the shore with my netted fish moved into the area I was fishing about 20 feet along from me which hindered my casting range.
Just as I netted my third fish I went ashore to unhook the trout etc another angler moved right in to where I was fishing. This really pissed me off but rather than confront the idiot I though if hes that desperate he can carry on.
I moved to the top end of the loch but the wind was even worse so I didnt fish for a while. I then moved back down to the south shore just before 10pm and managed another trout this time on a balloon caddis pattern which was getting a lot of interest from the trout before I actually hooked my fourth and final fish.
My heaviest fish was 2lb 2oz which wasn't heavy enough to be in among the prizes. However I did rather enjoy myself tonight apart from the idiots sneaking into my area when I was unhooking my trout

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