Monday, 16 June 2014

The Salty Dabbler

On Sunday the 15th of June, Myself, Scott and Tam aka the Salty Dabbler, Salty Tiddler and the Salty Tangler went to Loch Etive for a day of sea fishing
Tam and Scott are more enthusiastic about the sea fishing than I am and had been to Etive fishing a few times. This was first ever sea fishing trip from a boat.
We were on the boat about 8am and went up the loch to an area that Tam likes.
On my first drop I picked up a small cod then on my second drop I landed a Ling. As the day progressed we moved about a bit and caught further codling and whiting. Then came a lull where no fish were caught for a while. We then moved a couple of mile down the loch and hooked up to a buoy and threw out our baits of squid which attracted three Thornbacks and a doggy. Time was getting on so we moved back up the loch and fished for the last half hour catching numerous codling.
We headed back ashore about 5pm.
I quite enjoyed the fishing which might have been poor by some peoples standards but the three of us rather enjoyed ourselves with about twenty five fish for the boat.
A lovely enjoyable way to spend a day on a warm summer’s day.

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