Monday, 24 September 2018

A fisher in the hills

Warning this report contains no tales of rising, catching or losing troot!
I was keen to get to Galloway  yesterday for what I imagine will be a last day at the broonies this season!
It was a disappointment troot wise as I returned home piscatorially challenged!
The 100 mile road trip South West, took longer than anticipated as did the extremely boggy climb and walk up to the loch which sits at over 1,000ft above sea level.
I was concerned about the cattle with calves blocking my way on the upward path which runs along a dyke. I seriously thought about turning back. Then I  noticed more of them coming up behind me sounding not best pleased. I had no option but to carry on. Much to my relief they moved sideways up the hill to let me past.
Eventually I made it to the  loch which looked absolutely stunning in this wonderful location.
I arrived at the back of twelve then had lunch, strung my rod and tried to find an area that was comfortable to fish.
Fishing was tough from the bank as the underfoot conditions were difficult with rutted bog, high slopes and rock. I was informed a few day earlier that the next loch further up was better for bank fishing however it took me long enough to get to the first loch. I couldn't get to the area I wanted to fish as I couldn't get across the burn as it was running fast and high and I was just in my wellies. Eventually I reached  the West shore where a big burn rushes in and managed to spend some time around that area starting off with a floating line then switching to a sink tip but all to no avail.
I really didn't  fish it hard and was just contented admiring the wonderful scenery.
Time was limited as It was a two hour walk for me back down  to the car.
On the way back I saw two mountain goats which bolted when startled!
Thankfully and much to my relief there was no sign of the Coos!
The walk back was horrendous I slipped and fell all over the place on the way down until I made it back to the forest track and then the car!
The scenery on the other hand made it all worthwhile!
Hope to return to this area next year in the early summer and hopefully have a tale or two to tell of troot!

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