Sunday, 30 May 2010

Balloon Caddis

As I mentioned in my last Blog entry I said I would be tying up more of these Balloon Caddis. Well I have did exactly that and I'm now really looking forward to a trip up to the Loch tonight to use these flies. My experience with this pattern last Friday was really exciting as I got lots of interest from the fish with this top of the water fly. The creator of this fly was an Austrian [I think] Roman Mosser. He definitely knew what he was doing when he created this pattern. After reading about this pattern on other Fishing forums everyone is of the same opinion that this is a very simple but deadly fly.Tie one and try one you won't be disappointed.

Hook. 10- 14 Kamazan B170
Thread. Black
Body. Green Drake supernatural blend by David Rice
Wing. Elk Hair,prepare in a stacker before tying on
Thorax. Dark Olive Possum
Thorax Case. Green Foam purchased from Hobby Store.

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