Saturday, 8 May 2010

A River Runs Through It

Thought I would share this excellent fishing clip from that great film as a way to cheer myself up as I have been neglecting my angling and blogging duties over the last few weeks as I have been focusing all my attention on lending my support to my football teams fight against Relegation from the Scottish Football League First Division. Yes I have to admit that I am an avid Airdrie supporter. After having our hopes built up over the last month or two Mr Black and his players have let us down once again today at Broomfield Neu.This is indeed a sad day for all Airdrie supporters.Regardless of the disgraceful refereeing decisions today we deserve to be relegated as our team were pathetic for the first three quarters of the season. This was in no small measure down to unmotivated players mismanaged by Kenny Black who has failed on four occasions in the play-offs. Kenny was reminded in no uncertain terms today at the final whistle how the majority of the Airdrie support felt about him. Sad day for Airdrie , Kenny Black must Go now for the good of our Club. That's all. Enough! enough! I hear you cry. You are quite correct, this is a fishing blog not a flamin football forum. Anyway enjoy the vid. I fully intend to get fishing over the next couple of days and report back to my blog. Before I sign off please don't hold it against me for supporting the Diamonds, Someone has got to!

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  1. No that's what I call wet wading!!
    A great film.