Sunday, 16 May 2010

Tonight I mostly caught no fish

I have been anticipating this situation happening which I now find myself in when I first thought about creating a blog about my fishing exploits. What situation? I hear you thinking aloud. Well folks if you haven't already guessed I haven't been catching many fish lately. Tonight was another in a series of blanking trips up to my local Loch in fact I would go as far as to say that I am getting good at not catching fish.The fact that I have now created a blog just highlights how unsuccessful I am at at catching fish. You may have heard the old angling quote of " There is more to fishing than catching fish" This may be true but it's always more enjoyable when you you do succeed in doing what you set out to do. My luck has got to change soon and if I was at all superstitious I would believe my change in fortunes are imminent as a black cat ran right across in front of me as I was driving home from the Loch tonight.
As usual I had my camera with me tonight and captured the above pic which is really depressing in a way. I think you will agree that the construction of the railway along the Loch shore is going to leave a very harsh industrial impression on the Hillend landscape.

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  1. Hope the luck changes soon Allan! I've always thought the same myself about that particular quote, it certainly is always nicer when you are catching!

    It really is some sight that concrete! Hope they do something to make it a bit less of an eye sore.